Friday, June 2, 2017


President Trump has pulled the United States out of the scheme known as the Paris Accords and to hear the media tell it, all hell has broken loose. Here is just a sample from the New York Daily News website,

Today is the day that America's global leadership ends. Congratulations, Washington, you have become worse than useless. You are now positively dangerous. Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement is leaving the civilized world.

The civilized world!

What this is, is the essence of collectivism. Collectivism is where one or more people does something not in their own best interest in order to move the whole group, 'theoretically,' forward. If the people that are being required to do something against their best interest resist, then it usually requires coercion. Coercion works well because not only does it remove the people in the collectivists way, but it scares the hell out of everyone else.

It might be hard to find articles on the internet that explain how the Paris Accords injure the American economy because it is now dominated by the collectivist narrative, here is one.

Although some media outlets have made much of the fact that the United States is now one of three countries refusing to support the Paris climate accord, Trump is simply refusing to lead the United States and its economy off a cliff simply because nearly everybody else is signing the accord.

And then there is this from CNN, "[T]his will be the day that the United States resigned as the leader of the free world," the host of "Fareed Zakaria GPS" asserted.

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