Monday, April 24, 2017

Pay It Forward

Evan McMullin ultimately failed in his attempt to deny Donald Trump enough Electoral College votes to win the presidency. Now the Utah native will be challenged to pay off his campaign debt which means he may never enter the political arena again.

McMullin still owes some $670,000 to vendors who helped his campaign, including more than half a million dollars to a law firm. Vendors are worried they might get stiffed.

Tanner Leatham, in a Salt Lake City newspaper says, "From what I know, they do not have any capability or plans to pay all the vendors they still owe money, they have told me they cannot pay us what they owe." Leatham assisted McMullin's campaign and is owed $10,000.

"Raising money as a challenger for a political seat is really difficult," says Kirk Jowers, in the Salt Lake Tribune, "Raising money when that race is over is close to impossible." Donors could see McMullin in a bad light if he runs again, and so will vendors.

Hillary Clinton took four years to pay off millions in debt from her 2008 campaign. McMullin is an independent and has no party apparatus to help to pay the bills. Jon Huntsman, a fellow Utahn who ran for president in 2012, had to dig into his own pocket to pay off his debts.

McMullin, a former CIA officer who also worked for the U.S. House, doesn't have the big bucks of Huntsman (son of a billionaire, among other resorces) had to pay off debt, and he doesn't have the star power of Clinton to exploit the fundraising circuit. But that may be jumping the gun, so to speak.

McMullin is in a perfect position to exploit his ability to gain star power. He can feign the media as being someone who can, in the eyes of the media, insult Trump. When he does this he will get unlimited media attention. Not only will the media concentrate on him, they will promote him to the head of the class, the top of the heap, even if they have to subordinate more important stories. Indeed, this will give them, the media, the perfect opportunity to omit the more relevant items in the news. Omission is the primary work of the media.

What is actually the work here of McMullin, the media, and so-called Republican critics of other Republicans such as Republican strategist Rick Wilson and neoconservative publisher Bill Kristol, is an attack on the Republican base. As we have witnessed now for some time is that Trump cannot be embarrassed. If the infamous 'Access Hollywood' video could not bring him down, nothing could. However, plenty of the conservative base had to endure mock and ridicule from friends, family and associates to the degree that they had to shy away from proclaiming to be a conservative Republican. They want to make being a Republican a test of courage that will be difficult to pass. Not all Republicans will be brave enough, just ask former senator, Kelly Ayotte.

Evan McMullin has carved out for himself a very lucrative position in the American political landscape. Perhaps he needs to dig himself in a little deeper but he is now in over his head so why not? To the media he is worth his weight in gold.

“I haven’t decided if I’ll pursue elected office in 2018, I do believe that I will run again, pursue public office again. I don’t know when that is. I haven’t made a decision about 2018 or beyond.” McMullin said on MSNBC.

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